Half and Half

I grew up in the country about 200 yards from the family farm where my mother and grandfather grew up. Consequently, we put Half and Half on our cereal. I always hated eating cereal at a friend’s house after a sleepover because they used milk on their Cocoa Puffs. I would say, “You’re supposed to […]

Inbox To-Do List

I really resent my Indox for being my To-Do List. After reading several articles declaring the benefits of a zero inbox, I try to keep it down to a dozen or so emails (The zero part is just unattainable). I’ve also been inspired to check my inbox periodically and not constantly. But that’s not happening […]


Sometimes, I’m just in a bad mood.  And for reasons that I’ve stated in the past, this blog is mostly therapeutic. So the doctor is in. I had one of the best weekends in the past few years this past weekend. It has been followed by a week where everything seems to go against me. I say “seemed” […]