Know Thyself (at least once a year)

There are lots of things I need to do when the calendar flips over to the next year; Query home sales, Back-up parcels, wash the coffee pot… essential yearly things. Last January I set out some professional benchmarks for myself. Here they are and how I did:

  1. Public Silverlight GIS site.
  2. 3-4 more mapping APIs for Public and Private use.
    • <Check> I only added 2 to the API category but added several more Applications from
  3. Something like a Citizen Scientist or Open POI GIS site.
    • Does an webapp count? Yes? < ¾ Check>
  4. Use of ESRI’s Community Mapping program.
    • <Check> Went online in September
  5. Use of GIS app to determine County Board and Precinct reapportionment.
  6. An app on I-Tunes & Windows Marketplace.
    • <½ Check> iTunes (Is Windows marketplace still running?)
  7. Visit 4 (or so) Schools to talk about Geospatial Technology.
    • <Check>

Either I set the bar too low or I am
GIS Rockstar. You can think what you want, as for me, let’s just say, I’ll be ordering new business cards. Next year the stakes are even higher. Here’s new list of professional goals to keep me hopping in 2012:

  1. Rollout HTML5 GIS application for use across platforms.
  2. Use and track server-side metrics for ArcGIS Server performance improvement.
  3. Larger and more automated data distribution network.
  4. Sunset all ArcReader Use (Finally).
  5. SEO for residential addresses within Peoria County.
    Implement Parcel Fabric into land records maintenance workflow. (Discovered this technology does not fit into our workflow)
  6. Visit 5 (or so) Schools to talk about Geospatial Technology.
  7. (Edit) Complete voter solution for Clerk’s Office

So you enjoy this Foo Fighter video and think about next year