Sometimes, I’m just in a bad mood.  And for reasons that I’ve stated in the past, this blog is mostly therapeutic. So the doctor is in.

I had one of the best weekends in the past few years this past weekend. It has been followed by a week where everything seems to go against me. I say “seemed” because everything in-fact did not go against me. Actually, I can point to no one thing that really put me over the edge. In life, it seems that it’s easier to deal with huge trauma all at once rather than 1,000 little irritating constant annoyances.

I once played “Would you Rather” with some friends. The basic idea of the game is that you are presented with two equally unrealistic/unappealing scenarios and told you must choose your preference. Your team gains points by correctly predicting what choice the other team will make.  One of these ridiculous scenarios has stuck with me and my position has solidified.

“Would you rather have a tiny man living in your nose who will occasionally pull a nose hair without warning”
“Would you rather have a tiny man living in our mouth who constantly hammers on your teeth”

Without question I would rather have the nose-hair gnome.  I can deal with catastrophic failure, I have a plan for that. But when tiny little nuacnces build up and there is little to no resolution I can’t stand it. To be honest, it drives me crazy. Usually, I make a list of all the things that are ticking me off, then flush it down the toilet. This week … I may not know you, but you made the list.

At least it’s Friday.
I’ll start working on “Being a more joyful person” next week.